New Lisbon, WI

*Wages are based on average rates and may be impacted by facility budgets and seasonality and may include a combination of taxable and non-taxable earnings and reimbursements.
New Lisbon Correctional Institution is a medium security adult facility located in New Lisbon, WI (Juneau County)**Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber** POSITION SUMMARY This position functions under general supervision with administrative direction from the Physician Supervisor, the Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber is an advanced professional nurse who is responsible for the provision of comprehensive care to well and ill incarcerated adult and adolescent populations. The practitioner demonstrates a high degree of clinical expertise in providing preventive and primary care in the correctional setting. This practitioner educates inmates to promote wellness, prevent health problems, maintain current health, and intervene in acute and chronic illness. This practitioner will function independently in managing the direct and indirect care of incarcerated individuals in collaboration with all disciplines employed or practicing at the institutional Health Services Unit. The practitioner will participate in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of care and education programs and protocols used by the health care staff to meet the needs of incarcerated individuals who exhibit health problems across the continuum from prevention to complex medical and/or psychiatric conditions. The Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber has comply with the Departments administrative rules and the agencys policies and procedures including those related to the Departments overall Reentry philosophy of using evidence-based strategies, practices and programs which target and inmates individual criminogenic needs and risk level. 75% A. Provision of comprehensive health care to well and ill incarcerated adult and adolescent populations in accordance with state laws, BHS policy/procedures, and practice guidelines. A1. Conduct comprehensive health history and physical assessments. A2. Assess psychosocial, cognitive and functional strengths and limitations in order to develop and incorporate appropriate interventions. A3. Establishes medical diagnoses for acute, chronic, and potential health problems, monitor, evaluate, and manage follow-up care. A4. Prescribe, regulate, and monitor medications, order and evaluate diagnostic studies, perform and monitor therapeutic procedures. A5. Document findings in health record. A6. Will consult directly with the collaborating physician/designee for care that exceeds scope of practice as determined by the individuals education, training, expertise, or agreements with the physician. A7. Collaborate with unit staff to develop medical/nursing care plans to address and manage patients with special care needs. A8. Facilitate continuity of inmate health care between other correctional institutions and/or outside health care providers, both inpatient and out patient. B. Provision of services to institution(s). B1. Accept temporary assignments in other correctional institutions to help cover for staff shortages due to vacancies, leaves of absence or in emergency situations where more staff is required. B2 Assist in maintaining a clean, safe, hazard free environment in the Health Service Unit and in identifying health hazards in other areas of the institution. B3. In collaboration with medical staff and health services manager, participate in organizing and coordinating specialty clinics at the institution, such as seizures, hypertension, asthma and diabetes management. B4. Develop, implement, and evaluate comprehensive patient education programs that assure quality and appropriateness of care across settings. C. Provision of formal and informal training and education in health care for institution or unit staff and/or inmates. C1. Participate in developing and teaching educational programs regarding medical/nursing and health care within the institution and Bureau. C2 May serve as a preceptor for students. C3. Consult with team members in the development of interdisciplinary program plans. C4. Collaborate with Quality Assurance, Infection Control, Employee Health and the Public Health Educator in health care training/education of institution staff and/or inmates. D. Development and application of medical/nursing practice standards to assure high level quality in delivery of health care in the institution. D1. Participate in and/or initiate quality assessment and improvement activities. D2 Identify important aspects of care and use to improve practice and operations. D3. Evaluate medical/nursing care in terms of quality through direct observation of inmate care in collaboration with the Medical Director, Director of Nursing, Unit Physician, Health Service Unit Manager, and/or Quality Assurance Coordinator. D4. Gather information which would substantiate the need for new or changed policies, routines, and procedures or equipment. D5. Work with medical staff and nurses to develop and/or revise institution procedures. D6. Contribute to the development of improved health care programs and medical/nursing services. D7. Contribute to a safe environment for inmates and staff which supports the prevention of illness/injury and the promotion of optimal health. E. Utilize information based on studies/research in evaluating the effectiveness of practices and to identify health care needs of incarcerated inmates. E1. Initiate medical/nursing research relating to clinical practice. E2. Assist staff in conducting research to improve medical/nursing care practices and delivery of health care for inmates. F. Development of specialized knowledge, skills and abilities through formal course work, independent study, research, committee participation and clinical experience. F1. Participate as member of standing and ad hoc committees as assigned/initiated. F2. Perform related work as assigned. F3. Participate in inservice and education programs offered by the Bureau, DOC, other State agencies and outside providers. F4. Remain current in nursing theory and practice.

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