RN - Surgery/Circulate

Park Rapids, MN

*Wages are based on average rates and may be impacted by facility budgets and seasonality and may include a combination of taxable and non-taxable earnings and reimbursements.
Job Summary / PurposeThe Registered Nurse (RN) provides professional nursing care for individuals, families and/or populations to attain, maintain or recover optimal health and quality of life.Essential Key Job Responsibilities1.       Provide a comprehensive assessment of a patient through the collection, analysis, and synthesis of data used to establish a health status baseline and plan of care, and address changes in a patient's condition.2.       Collaborate with the health care team to develop and coordinate a plan of care.3.       Develop nursing interventions for the patients plan of care.4.       Implement nursing care through the execution of independent nursing interventions.5.       Implement interventions that are delegated, ordered, or prescribed by a licensed health care provider.6.       Delegate nursing tasks or assign nursing activities to implement the plan of care.7.       Providing safe and effective nursing care.8.       Promote a safe and therapeutic environment.9.       Advocate for the best interests of individual patients.10.   Evaluate responses to interventions and the effectiveness of the plan of care.11.   Collaborate and coordinate with other health care professionals in the management and implementation of care within and across care settings and communities.12.   Provide health promotion, disease prevention, care coordination, and case finding.13.   Design and implement teaching plans based on patient need, and evaluating their effectiveness.14.   Participate in the development of health care policies, procedures.15.   Manage and evaluate the practice of nursing.16.   Teach the practice of nursing.17.   Be accountable for the quality of care delivered, recognize and address situations beyond the limits of knowledge and experience. Maintain clinical practice competency.
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Park Rapids

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