Registered Nurse

Gridley, CA

*Wages are based on average rates and may be impacted by facility budgets and seasonality and may include a combination of taxable and non-taxable earnings and reimbursements.
The professional Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department, in collaboration with the provider and other healthcare team members, coordinates the delivery of patient care primarily in the Emergency Department setting. Responsible for utilizing the nursing process to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate provision of safe patient care, assuring confidentiality, comfort, and advocacy within the scope of nursing practice.   Qualifications:   ·         RN required, BSN preferred. ·         At least 1 year emergency room or other emergency services experience ·         California Registered Nursing License; current, active and in good standing ·         Current BLS, ACLS and PALS Certificate ·         Trauma Nurse Certification Course (TNCC)-preferred ·         CEN preferred       ORCHARD HOSPITALFUNCTIONAL JOB DESCRIPTION  Frequency:                Rare = 1-5% of workday                               (R)Occasional = 6-33% of workday                 (O)Frequent = 33-66% of workday                   (F)Continuous = 67-100% of workday             (C)                        Physical Demands of Job:                           Standing                                                       R    O    X F    CWalking                                                        R    O    X F    CSitting                                                           R    O    X F    CRotation in Standing or Sitting / Twisting         R    X O    F    C        Forward Bending                                            R    O    X F    CHorizontal Lifting                                             R    X O    F    C        Up to __20_______ poundsWaist to Overhead Lifting                               R    X O    F    C        Up to __20_______ poundsLifting From Ground                                       R    X O    F    C        Up to __20_______ poundsCarrying                                                          R    X O    F    C        Up to __10_______ poundsPushing / Pulling                                           R    X O    F    C        Up to __20_______ poundsReaching                                                      R    O    X F    C        Gripping                                                       R    O    X F    C                                                        Squatting                                                       R    X O    F    CKneeling                                                       R    X O    F    C                                Balance                                                        R    X O    F    CClimbing / Descending Stairs                         R    X O    F    CHearing                                                         R    O    F    X CSpeaking                                                      R    O    F    X CVision                                                           R    O    F    X CAbility to Differentiate Colors Required                      _ N  / x Y   I.  Core Requirements   Core Requirements Score Supporting Comments 1. Meets all licensure and clinical competency requirements for position including continuing education (includes Nova, IStat, POCT) Met / Unmet NA   2. Is current on all mandatory annual physical examinations TB testing, mask fit testing. Met / Unmet                                                                                                                    If all Met or N/A  --  Score equals M                                                                                    If one or more Unmet  --  Score equals U                                                                                                Score:  __________   (A) The evaluated requirements are categorized into three areasCore Requirements, Job Requirements / Competence, and Standards of Behavior.  During evaluation, this key will be used for rating.   Please note:   Supporting comments are required for EACH rating. (5) OUTSTANDING (4) COMMENDABLE (3) SUCCESSFUL SOLID PERFORMANCE

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