Perioperative RN

Gothenburg, NE

*Wages are based on average rates and may be impacted by facility budgets and seasonality and may include a combination of taxable and non-taxable earnings and reimbursements.
 Perioperative Registered Nurse     PURPOSE   This position is responsible at all times to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of preoperative RN, intraoperative RN, and postoperative RN.  Responsibilities include: providing surgical patient care by assessing, planning, and implementing the nursing care patients receive before, during and after surgery   PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES   Preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative RN ·         Supervises sterility in operating room as well as scrub nurses sterile technique. ·         Assures that appropriate personnel are available for surgery and diagnostic procedures and that equipment and supplies are available and in working order. ·         Assists anesthetist. ·         Has all equipment and supplies needed available and in working order, including emergency equipment. ·         Visits patients pre-op and does pre-op teaching and answering patients questions concerning procedure. ·         Provides reassurance to the patient and patients family. ·         Checks that patient is properly prepared for surgery and that the chart has all the necessary information. ·         Obtains all necessary information needed to complete the operative nurses record. ·         Positions patient correctly for the procedure. ·         Remains at patients side with reassurance during induction of anesthesia. ·         Counts sponges, needles, and instruments prior to operation and during operation as needed, and at close of procedure. ·         Assists scrub nurse if needed and on equipment supplies needed. ·         Preps patient per Infection Control policy. ·         Supervises scrub nurse and fulfills circulating duties during procedure. ·         Cleans surgical incision area and applies dressings at the end of procedure. ·         Assumes role of any other surgical staff position as needed. ·         Assists with moving patient to Recovery Room. Acts as Recovery Room nurse when needed. ·         Completes all necessary surgical records and care of specimens. ·         Ensures that Surgery Room and procedure rooms are cleaned properly and ready for use again. ·         Provides patients with instruction prior to admission for elective surgery or diagnostic procedure. ·         Oversees patient observation and dismissal following diagnostic procedures, unless taken to acute care area. ·         Disassembles, cleans and decontaminates surgical supplies. ·         Operates autoclave and other processing equipment. ·         Takes inventories of existing supplies and replenishes to maintain established levels.       ·         Supervises bedside of the post-anesthetic patient, to include physical assessment, monitoring of vital signs, airway management, and other pertinent assessments. ·         Carries out pertinent physician orders. ·         Provides emergency care measures as indicated. ·         Communicates with CRNA, surgeon, and/or physician of change in patients condition. ·         Determines when patient is sufficiently stable to return to next level of care. ·         Documents assessments and care provided. ·         Communicates with acute care staff when patient is transferred. ·         Cleans and restocks recovery room. ·         Demonstrates familiarity with facility and department infection control policies. ·         Maintains confidentiality of patients, department and hospital. ·         Has a clear understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and develops and follows department policies and procedures to maintain compliance. ·         Works effectively as a team member within the facility to provide quality service to hospital departments through communication, cooperation, and collaboration. ·         Expands job-related knowledge and skills to improve and adjust to change. ·         Participates in departmental CQI. ·         Follows policies and procedures to contribute to the efficiency of the Surgical Department. ·         Attends scheduled inservices that pertain to the hospital as a whole or to the Surgical Department. ·         Performs other related duties as needed in order to support the achievement of department goals and objectives. ·         Performs any other duties as may be assigned. ·         Completes required continuous training and education, including department specific requirements.   PHYSICAL DEMANDS   ·         Ability to work and stand continuously (up to 80% of the time) and up to 30% of the time lifting, positioning, and transporting equipment and patients of varying weights. ·         Ability to work for long periods of times as required. ·         Ability to work with hands in cleaning and sterilizing solutions when necessary. ·         Ability to see and hear in order to safely care for patients, prepare for cases, and make accurate assessments and observations.   Physical Demands and Environmental Conditions   Physical Tasks/Movement: The following tasks/movements are likely to be encountered in this job: Lifting: Physical Demand Level Occasional 1 lift every 30 min.
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