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*Wages are based on average rates and may be impacted by facility budgets and seasonality and may include a combination of taxable and non-taxable earnings and reimbursements.
Sisters of Mercy/Mercy Center, Inc.Job Description Job Title:                                Charge Nurse                                                (Registered Nurse [RN] or Licensed Practical Nurse [LPN]) Must have all credentials in order to start. FBI Fingerprints done and copy of results if worker has not been a resident for two years. We are unable to accept contingency offers at this time.  Also, Must have company name badge.Mercy Center Nursing Unit is seeking an LPN Charge Nurse for 80 hours bi-weekly -every other weekend required.  We are a 59 bed skilled and long term care facility. Our core values are Human Dignity, Sacredness of Life, Excellence, Compassion, and Mercy Hospitality.   BASIC FUNCTION:           Under the direction of the RN Supervisor, is responsible for the supervision of the nursing activities, including nursing assistants for the respective shift and unit. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:1.    Administrative Functiona.   Direct the day-to-day function of the nursing assistants on the respective nursing unit, in accordance with current rules, regulations, and guidelines that govern the long-term care facility.b.   Ensure that the written policies and procedures that govern the day-to-day functions of the nursing service department are followed by all nursing personnel on the respective unit and shift..c.   Assist the shift supervisor with the performance evaluation of all nursing assistants for the shift and unit.d.      Make routine rounds on the nursing unit to ensure that all nursing personnel are performing their work assignments in accordance with acceptable nursing standards.  Report problem areas to the supervisor.e.       Function as a role model for nursing assistants.f.       Inform nursing personnel of new admission/transfers, their expected time of arrival, room assignment, etc.  Ensure that the new room is ready for the admission.  Greet newly admitted/transferred residents to the unit and orient to room.g.      Inspect the nursing service treatment/supply areas (clean and soiled utility rooms, linen closet, etc.) to ensure that they are maintained in a clean and safe manner.h.      Be present during annual state surveys, as requested, which may require a change in the work schedule to accommodate staffing needs.i.        Notify nursing supervisor when there is an adverse resident incident or deterioration in resident condition per policy.j.        Completes monthly nursing summaries when due.k.      Prepares MARs, TARs monthly orders and other related forms for next month as assigned. Job Description:  Charge Nurse                                                                                          Page 2                              (Registered Nurse [RN] or Licensed Practical Nurse [LPN]) 2.  Resident Care Functiona.   Uses the nursing process of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation to provide nursing care to the residents.b.   Prepares and administers medications as ordered by the attending physician according to facility policy.                        c.   Administers treatments that require the skills of a licensed nurse, including but not limited to gastrostomy/nasogastric tube feedings, catheterization/irrigation of catheter, dressing changes, initial administration of oxygen, care of tracheostomy, initial care of a colostomy, administration of IV therapy, etc.d.   Observe, coordinate, report and accurately document the residents condition, care, and their response to care, according to established procedures.  Documentation includes, but is not limited to Nurses Notes, Medication Administration Record (MAR), Treatment Record, Psychotropic/Behavior Record, AIMS, etc.  Sign and date all entries.e.   Identify and report safety/security issues on the respective unit.  Complete incident/accident reports and report to shift supervisor when appropriate.f.    Receive and transcribe physicians orders to resident charts, treatment record, plan of care, kitchen, therapies, and consultants, etc. when applicable.g.   Order prescribed medications, supplies, and equipment as necessary and in accordance with established policies and procedures.h.      Make rounds with the physician/physician extender when necessary.i.        Receive the nursing shift report from the off-going charge nurse and give report to the oncoming charge nurse.j.        Remain in charge of nursing unit until relieved by oncoming charge nurse; may be required to work after scheduled shift until relieved.k.      Assists resident with personal hygiene/dressing/undressing and bathing.l.        Initiate incident reports and complete according to policy.m.    Notify responsible parties and physicians with significant changes in resident status.n.      Admission process of new residents to include assessments, documentation, notification of other departments, etc.o.      Participate as an active team member in abuse prevention and reporting.p.      Participate in Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance function as assigned. 3.  Safety Function    a.   Conduct environmental rounds to identify safety concerns.  Complete work orders for the Maintenance Department to make necessary repairs.b.   Complete an incident/accident report when the resident has experienced an adverse incident, including but not limited to, fall, slip, burn, etc.  In conjunction with the shift supervisor, analyze the respective incident and make recommendations for the prevention of future incidents.c.       Respond to unit alarms and follow through with appropriate procedures.  Alarms include but are not limited to Code Alert, fire, and stairwell doors. Job Description:  Charge Nurse                                                                                          Page 3                              (Registered Nurse [RN] or Licensed Practical Nurse [LPN]) 4.      Educational Functiona.       Provide resident/family teaching in preparation for discharge from the facility.Provide for resident/family teaching for improved resident health care.b.      Provide for on-unit teaching of nursing assistants relative to new equipment, new diagnosis, new care plan strategies and interventions, etc.c.       Attend inservices and assign nursing assistants to attend inservice education programs.  ANCILLARY DUTIES:1.  Other related duties as requested.   QUALIFICATIONS:1.   Must be a graduate of an approved Practical Nursing Program or Nursing Program and licensed as an LPN or RN (or eligible to sit for licensure examinations) in the state of Pennsylvania.                     2.      Knowledge of the aging process and conditions associated with the aging.            3.   Assessment skills relative to the above process.    

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